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D&D 3E
Help with a Marilith, please 
7th-Jun-2008 06:48 am
dice from Melanie
I'm taking over the GM spot in a "Living Arcanis" campaign this coming weekend. The ground rules for this kind of campaign are that I not add or subtract critters or conditions from encounters in the downloaded adventures. That's fine with all of us.

The party: a 16th-Level psionic. His 14th-Level cleric cohort. A 14th-Level wizard. A 12th-Level fighter specializing in mounted combat. A 13th-Level gunslinger. A 15th-Level ranger with his 13th-Level druid cohort. A 12th-level fatespinner.

These guys plough through combats like a husky runs through snow. When they've been buffed for fighting, combats rarely get through the first round.

The adventure has them encountering a marilith demon (MM 44) in a big cave.

I'm trying to come up with strategies and tactics for the demon. Right now, the best I can come up with is polymorphing into something like a vampire, to draw the wrong kinds of attacks from the party.

Help me out.
8th-Jun-2008 07:37 am (UTC)
Well, are you just sending one creature at them? Parties will own one creature battles most of the time. You DO have a party of seven, even though there are two cohorts, that's still almost twice the standard party size. Have more than one creature in an encounter. Single creatures encounters will end quickly, unless you have good tactics.

Have some demon allies of hers already summoned there, waiting or summoning friends of theirs? Have them pre-buff if you can. If the PC's do it, its silly for monsters not to take advantage of downtime. Heck, in the pre-buff phase, say she auto-succeeds summoning her Glabrezu buddy, who summons another one.

Use her spell-like abilities. Unholy Aura will help a lot. And it will be made more menacing, with lots of creatures to cast it on. Glabrezu's have Chaos Hammer, Unholy Blight and Mirror Image, and Confusion at will. Use them...

Be nasty with these creatures. They are demons for crying out loud. Evil with a capital E. Play that up, and play dirty. PC's don't get XP from summoned allies. So whenever they defeat the Marilith and her hoard of friends, you can tell them they only get X amount of XP, since the others were summoned.
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