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D&D 3E
Help with a Marilith, please 
7th-Jun-2008 06:48 am
dice from Melanie
I'm taking over the GM spot in a "Living Arcanis" campaign this coming weekend. The ground rules for this kind of campaign are that I not add or subtract critters or conditions from encounters in the downloaded adventures. That's fine with all of us.

The party: a 16th-Level psionic. His 14th-Level cleric cohort. A 14th-Level wizard. A 12th-Level fighter specializing in mounted combat. A 13th-Level gunslinger. A 15th-Level ranger with his 13th-Level druid cohort. A 12th-level fatespinner.

These guys plough through combats like a husky runs through snow. When they've been buffed for fighting, combats rarely get through the first round.

The adventure has them encountering a marilith demon (MM 44) in a big cave.

I'm trying to come up with strategies and tactics for the demon. Right now, the best I can come up with is polymorphing into something like a vampire, to draw the wrong kinds of attacks from the party.

Help me out.
7th-Jun-2008 12:03 pm (UTC)
Go with what you know. But will the Marilith know? Metagaming's kinda tricky.

But if they always open combat with a dispel, the polymorph might not work. Illusions are always nice, given that demons and devils like to be tricky types. Speaking of that, a set of layered illusions on top of the polymorph might not be a bad idea. Minions are good as well. A well-balanced bunch of minions (like an adventure group) might help to keep it challenging.

Using terrain to her advantage is a good route. Also taking away a few of the party's bonuses. Light/dark situations, for instance. Does the mounted fighter ride his mount into caves? Sometimes taking out the mount is easier than taking out the rider. Turning the cave into a horrible place to be for those with two legs instead of a snaky body might turn the tables as well. Not quite sure how to do that, though.

Removing buffs is a must. Leading with a dispel might be the first thing any good opponent might do, especially if they are magic-sensitive (detect magic, etc.) or used to facing powerful opponents. Something more powerful than dispel magic might be in order, though. Disjunction? Greater Dispel?

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