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D&D 3E
Crafting Psionic Items, a Stupid Question: 
22nd-May-2008 02:18 pm
Disney-Mermaid MythandMagic
Okay, I’m going to put this question in two formats – the short and the long.

The short: How do you add power points to increase the damage of a power like Energy Ray when crafting a Dorje (psionic wand)?

The long:

I’m playing a 2nd level psion and our party just completed an adventure for which we were rewarded well. That added with a phenomenal diplomacy roll in wheeling and dealing meant that we could get magic items for 40% of market price for 7 days. We took advantage of this and purchased 5 wands with the party treasury – 2 cure light wounds, 2 repair light damage (one of each for the warforged sorcerer and human cleric) and a wand of magic missiles. The sorcerer only agreed to take party money for her wand because we insisted it would allow her to use her other spells on healing spells for our three warforged party members.

Now, after this last combat, I’m thinking that a dorje (psionic wand) would be a great idea to give me the same flexibility. At low levels, it’s so challenging to be creative because you don’t know if something’s going to work and you don’t want to waste precious spells/power points to try something. I want to get a dorje of energy ray because its effectiveness is based on ranged touch attacks rather than save DCs. The question that came up is whether I can augment the wand in the same way that I augment my own powers. What we came up with are three possible answers and the GM and I are planning to dig through the book to get some idea, but I thought I’d pose it to you guys, too. If you know where to find the answer in the Expanded Psionics Handbook, please let us know (it’ll save us quite a bit of time).

Possibility 1: The answer that any character would love to hear is that I can use my power points to augment the damage of the dorje, but I don’t think it can work that way, because I remember reading that you can’t use power points taken from different sources in the same power. And that’s what this would be, isn’t it?

Possibility 2: One of the other players suggested that perhaps a dorje is made up of 50 powerpoints rather than 50 charges. And one could use an extra charge in the place of a power point to augment the spell. In other words, for 2 charges, I could use the dorje to manifest an energy ray that does 2d6 points of damage rather than 1d6. I don’t see any reason why this couldn’t be possible, but it strikes me as overpowering.

Possibility 3: The last possibility I came up with is that to have a dorje with an augmented energy ray, you’d have to craft it as such. Since you can’t put two power points into a power until 2nd level, it would then make sense that if you crafted a dorje as a 2nd level manifester (not to be confused with creating a dorje of a 2nd level power), it would do 2d6 points of damage instead of 1d6.

A magic equivalent would be that if I were to craft a cure light wounds wand at a caster level of 2, it would do 1d8+2 points of healing instead of 1d8+1. This all makes the most sense to me, but we haven’t yet found where in the book it would address this specific issue. If anyone knows the exact rules, I’d love to hear them. Thanks!
22nd-May-2008 08:20 pm (UTC)
On reading the rules, #3 is the correct interpretation. "However, dorjes can be created at a higher manifester level than required to manifest the power."
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