RatOfTheLab (ratofthelab) wrote in dnd3e,

Ad Administrivia

Hi all,

Firstly apologies to those to whom this really doesn't apply, I hope you'll bear with me as having this stated nice and officially might help cut down on some of the spamvertising that happens.

I've noticed a rise in posts to this community that I'd categorise as advertisements rather than "content". I've been letting some go by, giving the benefit of the doubt, on the off chance that people hadn't noticed the request on the profile page which reads:

"Please do not post spam to the community. Entries that are solely advertising your websites/myspaces/pink fluffy vaguely rpg related merchandising/shops/whatever will be deleted and marked as spam."

I'd hope that out of consideration for the watchers of this community people take heed and do not post entries of that sort from now on. Thanks for your cooperation.

If you do have any D&D related events/sites/whatever you want to publicise (now or in the future) - feel free to do so in a comment to this entry but ONLY this entry. That way anyone that does want to keep up to date with developments can just check back here, and those that don't can carry on without having to trawl through unwanted posts on their friends pages.

Cool? Cool.
Tags: administrivia, spam

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