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In Other News...

Hard on the heels of the success of Fourth Edition, Wizards of the Coast's Game Developers will now revise Monopoly.

Top Eleven Changes in the "newly imagined, but still the same" "Monopoly, 4th Edition"

11) Reading Railroad is no longer a core space to land on. (However, this may change in later editions of the rules as "new incomes sources" are dealt with.)

10) Players are able to build houses once per turn.

9) Being in jail is "no fun", so players are always just visiting.

8) Shoe icon has amazing rallying powers, but the racecar and iron are no longer core pieces.

7) Light Blue properties suddenly sprout hotels, which then explode, rendering the properties uninhabitable; yellow properties fuse with Abeir and are renamed "Dragonkin home worlds."

6) Players who can't pay their debts may roll dice. On an 11 or twelve, the player "declares bankruptcy" and gets 25% of their starting money.

5) Properties are no longer on a Great Wheel, but free-floating amidst other games' boards.

4) Uncle Moneybags is now drawn with horns and tail. Change baffles everyone, but discussion banned on ENWorld.

3) Community Chest and Chance cards are now only available as on-line supplements. "But not needed to play the game," developers insist.

2) Grappling rules are much easier.

And the Number One Change in Monopoly ...

Realizing that, as is, Monopoly is too much like a job or "Profession", Wizards completely scraps the game entirely.

(from a discussion on the Paizo boards...)

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