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Paizo in Tokyo, and D&D does Japan!

I saw something very interesting and heartwarming while I was on the Paizo message boards last night. Here's the thread in it's original context. To summarize, this guy went to Japan and, while there, visited Akihabara, the capital of Tokyo's male geek population. So he visits this shop called "Yellow Submarine," and what does he find?

Dungeons and Dragons stuff. Some in English, some in Japanese.

It is deeply gratifying to see "Players Handbook" spelled out in katakana. It is equally gratifying to see what I can only assume is the Japanese translation of "Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss." It looks pretty accurate, based on my knowledge of Japanese. It is equally gratifying to, on the same cover, see James Jacobs and Erik Mona's name in katakana. And seeing the Pathfinder books over there, and Forgotten Realms and Eberron sourcebooks (many with Japanese titles)... it just makes me happy to know that SOMEONE in Japan plays the same stuff we do.

Then again, I shouldn't be too surprised. "Record of the Lodoss War" was apparently based on a 1st Edition campaign. *kicks TSR for not buying the American rights to it back in the early 90s when they had a chance*

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