gernboken (gernboken) wrote in dnd3e,

panning for ideas

hey. my gaming group runs three concurrent games, two ongoing games and a series of rotating one-shot/short-arc games. I have an idea for a short-arc game and I'd like some others.

not that there's anything terribly top-secret back here. i'm looking for ideas of "typical fantasy stories" i can turn on their ear.

so far i've got "rescue the beautiful dragon from the evil maiden".

i'm toying with a way to turn the quest for the holy grail around. i'm thinking maybe they find the grail pretty quickly have a "well, that was incredibly easy wasn't it?" moment, then get chased around by the next set of guys who want the grail. kind of complicated for a short arc though so i dunno.

anyway it's early and i'm at work and i'm not supposed to be thinking about this stuff now anyway so i'll leave it up to your excellent minds to make some other suggestions for me.


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