ravensmuse (arist_one_eye) wrote in dnd3e,

Need some help with an adventure

So I'll be running an adventure next weekend for my local RPG.net bunch (BosTan's Pandemonium Games Day at Pandemonium Games in Boson - come down and play!) and I'm looking for some help.

My game's set in the Iron Kingdoms. The plot is that the players have stumbled across a rash of food poisonings in a city by the bay, which is going to end up being the run-off from a cultist's necromantic experimentation. I wanted to toss an additional and possibly literal red herring in to maybe throw the players for a loop, but I can't seem to find a monster to do the trick.

The monster I'm looking for doesn't have to be a fish, per se, but has to be in aquatic in some form and poisonous. I have the Monster Manual for 3.5 and the Monsternomicon for IK, but I haven't come across anything that fit the bill. Any suggestions?

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