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D&D 3E
Arms and Equipment Guide 
18th-Dec-2007 12:42 pm
Anyone out there have the Arms and Equipment Guide, from 3.0? I need a copy and I can't seem to find one at any of my locals (they're all going over to 4.0, so even 3.5 books are getting scarce). But if you have it can you please look up the item Training Dummy of the Master? I need the cost, the time it takes to be active (how long you have to study), and what is needed to activate it. I know it requires you to be a monk, but I believe a successful Use Magic Device would work as well. I do not know the DC, however.
18th-Dec-2007 09:24 pm (UTC)
This is the complete entry in the book:

Sparring Dummy of the Master: This battered wooden dummy is designed for monks to practice their striking and blocking techniques. It consists of a plain round wooden post that stands 6 feet high and 1 foot thick. Six smaller posts stick out horizontally from the post, roughly representing a defending enemy's limbs.
To gain the benefit of its magic, a person with at least one level in monk must train with the dummy 8 hours a day for four weeks. If the training is ever interrupted for more than a 24 hours, she must begin again. If this training is interrupted twice, the monk can never gain the benefit of the sparring dummy.
Once she has completed the required training, the monk is allowed to make a 10-foot adjustment whenever she can normally make a 5 foot adjustment.
Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, haste; Market Price: 30,000 gp; Weight: 40 lb.
19th-Dec-2007 01:22 am (UTC)

Use this skill to activate magic
Check: You can use this skill to read a spell or to activate a magic item. Use Magic Device lets you use a magic item as if you had the spell ability or class features of another class, as if you were a different race, or as if you were of a different alignment.
You make a Use Magic Device check each time you activate a device such as a wand. If you are using the check to emulate an alignment or some other quality in an ongoing manner, you need to make the relevant Use Magic Device check once per hour.
You must consciously choose which requirement to emulate. That is, you must know what you are trying to emulate when you make a Use Magic Device check for that purpose. The DCs for various tasks involving Use Magic Device checks are summarized on the table below.

Task Use Magic Device DC
Activate blindly 25
Decipher a written spell 25 + spell level
Use a scroll 20 + caster level
Use a wand 20
Emulate a class feature 20
Emulate an ability score See text
Emulate a race 25
Emulate an alignment 30

Activate Blindly: Some magic items are activated by special words, thoughts, or actions. You can activate such an item as if you were using the activation word, thought, or action, even when you're not and even if you don't know it. You do have to perform some equivalent activity in order to make the check. That is, you must speak, wave the item around, or otherwise attempt to get it to activate. You get a special +2 bonus on your Use Magic Device check if you've activated the item in question at least once before. If you fail by 9 or less, you can't activate the device. If you fail by 10 or more, you suffer a mishap. A mishap means that magical energy gets released but it doesn't do what you wanted it to do. The default mishaps are that the item affects the wrong target or that uncontrolled magical energy is released, dealing 2d6 points of damage to you. This mishap is in addition to the chance for a mishap that you normally run when you cast a spell from a scroll that you could not otherwise cast yourself.

Decipher a Written Spell: This usage works just like deciphering a written spell with the Spellcraft skill, except that the DC is 5 points higher. Deciphering a written spell requires 1 minute of concentration.
Emulate an Ability Score: To cast a spell from a scroll, you need a high score in the appropriate ability (intelligence for wizard spells, Wisdom for divine spells, or Charisma for sorcerer or bard spells). Your effective ability score (appropriate to the class you're emulating when you try to cast the spell from the scroll) is your Use Magic Device check result minus 15. If you already have a high enough score in the appropriate ability, you don't need to make this check.

Emulate an Alignment: Some magic items have positive or negative effects based on the user's alignment. Use Magic Device lets you use these items as if you were of an alignment of your choice. You can emulate only one alignment at a time.

Emulate a Class Feature: Sometimes you need to use a class feature to activate a magic item. In this case, your effective level in the emulated class equals your Use Magic Device check result minus 20. This skill does not let you actually use the class feature of another class. It just lets you activate items as if you had that class feature. If the class whose feature you are emulating has an alignment requirement, you must meet it, either honestly or by emulating an appropriate alignment with a separate Use Magic Device check (see above).

Emulate a Race: Some magic items work only for members of certain races, or work better for members of those races. You can use such an item as if you were a race of your choice. You can emulate only one race at a time.

20th-Dec-2007 10:28 am (UTC)
So is "one level in Monk" considered a class feature?
20th-Dec-2007 02:43 pm (UTC)
I would rule yes, as it implies certain things about the character that the character would not otherwise possess. In a 3.5 book, it would most likely have the prereq, "Flurry of Blows ability."

Otherwise, what is a first-level monk: Three good saves, +1 bab, d8 hd, 4+int skills, Improved Unarmed Strike, and Flurry of Blows, the latter being the only monk-specific ability.
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