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Obscene number of D&D icons

120 to be exact. I don't know if I've ever seen anyone post icons in here, but I thought it would be silly not to share these with everyone.

All icons are made from artwork found in D&D books. The artwork archive can be found here.

There are some rules:
  • Comment and let me know what icon(s) you take. I just didn't feel like numbering all 120 of these, so you don't have to be very precise. Just give me an idea of what you took. Or comment if you're not taking any and you like what you see.

  • Don't ask, just take.

  • Credit ezzicons or ezzvaldez AND Wizards of the Coast in your user pic keywords when you use one, even for the bases. I ask for credit because I spent a lot of time making these, even if some of them look like simple bases.

  • Only bases are free to be altered or customized, but please give credit for the base.

  • Don't steal bandwidth. Save/upload to your own computer/server.

That being said, on to the icons!

dragonbase08a lillend1a phoenix1


dragonbase01 dragonbase02 dragonbase03 dragonbase04 dragonbase05
dragonbase06a dragonbase07 dragonbase08a dragonbase09 dragonbase10
dragonbase11 dragonbase12 dragonbase13 dragonbase14 dragonbase15
dragonbase18 dragonbase19 dragonbase20a dragonbase21 dragonbase22
dragonbase23 dragonbase24 dragonbase25 dragonbase26a dragonbase27
dragonbase28 dragonbase29 dragonbase30 dragonbase31 dragonbase32
dragonbase33 dragonbase34 dragonbase35 dragonbase36a dragonbase37
dragonbase38 dragonbase39 dragonbase40 dragonbase41 dragonbase42

Deities, character illustrations, monsters, etc.

auril darkwoodstalker dervish divineagent dracolyte1
dracolyte2 drow dwarvendefender eidoloncer1 elemweirds1
elemweirds2 gelcube githzerai hoaryhunter iaijutsu
kossuth lillend1a lillend2 lolth mindflayer1
mindflsorcerer mystictheurge1 nightwalker nymph1 nymph2
osiris owlbear phoenix1 phoenix2 pistissophia
re sathia skylord summonmonster swordarchon
tempestelem thayanknight1a tiefling1 waukeen

Symbols and Stuff

crabclan craneclan dragonclan lionclan mantisclan
phoenixclan scorpionclan shadowlands unicornclan ankhofascension
backpack chaosbringer drowinsignia eilistrae helmofbrilliance
lurue potions tyr

Transparent versions

For light backgrounds


For dark backgrounds


For more icons, visit ezzicons or .: ezzicons :.

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