Andrew (_ogmios) wrote in dnd3e,

I knwo this is a little off-topic, but I figure that there are enougn MMO gamers out there to let this slide. If anything, it cancels out my Eightfold Path entry, bring me down to neutral.

Lyrics and Original Concept: Andrew O'Brien
Score: "Leaving on a Jetplane" by John Denver

With my reagents packed, now I'm ready to go,
I'm standing here at the summoning stone,
With my DPS and tank, and healer, too.

But the Hunter's pet pulled down the enemy guards.
He let it free-range, the drooling retard,
And that gang of gold elites, my ass will screw.

So screw this, I'm out of hear.
All these MOBs are immune to fear.
And the tank can't seem to hold aggro...

So I'm leaving on my wyvern,
can't say for sure if I'll return.
This pick-up group, it really blows.

You've all let me down in most every room,
You stole all the loot in the mana tombs,
You've filled me with a rage that knows no bounds.

So I'll ne'er again go and quest with you,
For game etiquette, you clearly eschew,
'Cause you hearthstone out when the MOBs do us surround.

So take your trash talk and go away.
You've ruined this instance for me today.
I hope they boil your mount down to make glue

So I'm leaving on my wyvern,
can't say for sure if I'll return.
Your party, you really screwed...

You need all the loot, and you bandit chests.
You're a 16-year old boy with quadruple-D breasts.
I think it's time for you to go outside.

Perhaps get a friend, and interact,
And take some lessons in verve and tact,
'Cause we all, in this group, wish you would die...

You're a depraved social malcontent,
With an IQ like fresh-laid cement,
We all think you should be in therapy...

So I'm leaving on my wyvern,
can't say for sure if I'll return.
Why does this shit always happen to me?

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