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Urbis is on Eruvian.Com!

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Recently, I've been involved in a larger effort to bring Urbis - a d20 setting of industrial-age fantasy - to a greater audience. You can see the results here:

Urbis on Eruvian

Eruvian.Com is a great tool for building collaborative campaign settings, and in cooperation with the creators of the website I recently uploaded pretty much all material there is for Urbis to it. To my mind, this has several advantages:

- It gives Urbis greater exposure. The membership of Eruvian.Com is rising fast, and is expected to continue to do so in the future. More people becoming aware of Urbis can only be a good thing.

- It allows those who prefer to read campaign settings on websites to do so. Yes, I know I said that I won't develop the Urbis website further when I published the latest PDF, but I am willing to make the effort to maintain both for this system.

- It allows readers to individually review parts of the setting and thus give me the valuable feedback I crave. So use the "review" option early and often!

- It allows fans to create their own setting material for Urbis and submit it for other fans to see and use, right next to the "official" material.

- It might allow me to subcontract writing supplements for Urbis!

I've created a number of content requests for Urbis, which you can see by clicking the "View Content Requests" on the navigation column on the left. All of these represent possibilities for Urbis supplements. Furthermore, I have created submission guidelines at both the main "Urbis locale" and the sublocales I am interested in expanding.

At the moment, the kinds of submissions that interest me the most are "Urban Tales" adventure seeds (again, take a look at the main locale for submission guidelines). Since these adventure seeds would be systemless, they could be released before D&D 4E and Urbis itself are published. My current plan is to choose the 50 best submissions or so and publish them as a PDF. Contributors would get name recognition in the publication and a free copy (note that you still own the rights to any submissions to Eruvian.Com, so I have to ask your permission to use them first).

But, of course, these adventure seeds are not the only possible expansion to the setting. And if someone produces consistently high-quality material, I might ask him or her to write and organize material for an entire supplement (such as a sourcebook on a particular city), as well as converting it from material on a website into a workable manuscript suitable for publication as a PDF. Such authors would also get a cut of the profit for the sales of the product (while those who contributed minor parts of the text would again receive name credit and a free copy of the final product)!

Well, so much for my ideas at the moment. Take a look at Eruvian.Com and tell me what you think!

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