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D&D 3E
30th-Jul-2007 06:32 am

fair weather to you my fairly weathered friends,

I am but fresh meat to livejournal but since it's halls called 'Geekdom' are truly thus, who in the Mancunian area would like to challenge Greg the Great Unwashed Black draconian in a saucy game of D&D minis?

Truth be told I am not familiar with core 3 rules completely and I seek a mentor even though I have the DM's guide to v3 it is a slight slog to memorise... and how it can be applied to the miniatures game.

30th-Jul-2007 08:50 am (UTC)
All you need for the miniatures game is the rulebook that comes with a Starter pack. The Core D&D rules are similar but different enough that the game isn't going to benefit from confusing the two. If you don't have the Mini rulebook, I think you can download it from the D&D Minis website.
31st-Jul-2007 02:00 pm (UTC)
fankoo ^.^ still, if anybody would like to help me out an join in some sessions as I'm learning head over to fanboy 3 in manchester picc gardens :D
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