gernboken (gernboken) wrote in dnd3e,

greek myths campaign

so i'm toying with the idea of making a campaign based on greek myths and i'd like suggestions. i actually have tons of notes on it already, but its really late and i need to sleep so i'm not going into lots of detail. basically i want the players to feel like their characters are part of genuine greek myths. as such i'll have the gods talking directly to the pc's (mostly mercury relaying messages from the other gods). i'd like suggestions for equipment, races... one of the ideas i had for races was to make all the players humans descended from the gods, like heracles and achilles. i would make a race based on the god, so descendants of zeus would get these benefits, and descendants of athena would get this, etc... i'd also like ideas for making the adventures of the campaign feel like existing myths, with that larger than life feel, without being total rip-off of existing myths, and without breaking from the rules entirely and turning into a monty haul campaign. thanks in advance, and good night.

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