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D&D 3E
Splitting the GP cost AND XP cost...? 
3rd-Jul-2007 01:14 pm
One of my players is a wizard... He was really reluctant to get any item creation feats because of the xp expenditure... Is it plausable for the group to sacrifice xp for the creation of magic items...?
3rd-Jul-2007 01:57 pm (UTC)
There's some good suggestions here and they're right, but I have a couple of alternate rule suggestions if they just really hate the idea of losing experience. Personally, game balance issues aside, I always disliked the idea that creating magic items somehow makes a character less experienced, even if it's just a little.

1) Crafting magic items causes ability damage. This one would take some fine tuning as far as how much damage to cause to attributes. I'd recommend damage to Constitution and/or Intelligence/Wisdom/Charisma (depending on spell casting class.) The damage would heal normally, though you might have to make a rule that restoration spells won't help. I could try and detail all the specifics for you, but if you like this idea, you'd probably tailor them to your own game anyway. The purpose of this method is to control the flow of magic item creation, but it won't really work if you have a lot of downtime.

2) Give each player a second, spendable xp pool, maybe equal to about 10% of all earned xp. So, a character with 10,000 xp would have a spending pool of 1000xp, if he had not already spent any of it. You would just do this if you want to be extra nice to your players. The pool could be spent from to create magic items or pay for the xp penalty for resurrection, or casting spells with an xp cost. This would allow them to make several magic items as they adventure, but not so many that they might try some sort of money making scheme from it.

3) If you don't let players buy any magic items they want and can afford, so that they have to make most items if they really want a particular one, you could allow the caster another option when creating. Allow him to create items without spending xp, but still paying full base price or maybe 95% of base price (instead of half.) The rp reason is that he's using rarer, finer materials that prevent energy drain, I guess.
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