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Rule question

Some time ago, I was playing the "Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil" computer game that came out a couple of years ago. Lots of fun and unlike the first Neverwinter Nights it actually used 3.5e rules. Anyway, one of the characters that I made for that game was a cleric of Pelor with the Sun domain. I discovered that the interpretation of the rules in the videogame is such that if you have 5 turn attempts normally, then taking the Sun domain gives you a sixth Greater Turning, rather than just letting you use one of your turn attempts as a Greater Turning. Furthermore, if you took the feat "Extra Turning" not only would you get 4 more turn attempts (bringing you up to 9 of those) but you would also get 4 more Greater Turnings (bringing that total up to 5 and allowing you to turn undead a total of 14 times per day.)

I'm including links to the rules descriptions for reference:

My question is this. Is the videogame's interpretation of the rules:
A) Perfectly valid
B) An exploitable loophole
C) Actually incorrect, the Greater Turning is meant to be a replacement, not an addition.


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