The Gimp (gimp101) wrote in dnd3e,
The Gimp

to spasms of evil chuckling...

So, I'm running the Savage Tide adventure path for my group, and every single one of them has died at some point of the game except one... This particular character, a swashbuckler 7/fighter 2, was the only pc to survive from the first session. Until our most recent game, that is... Now none of the characters have any tie to the employer, apart from being contracted by the Swashbuckler that just died... Bah, I'll get over it...

His story is an amusing one, though... From 1st level, this guy has been brought to negative hit points in EVERY GAME SESSION, even if there wasn't an actual battle...! Case in point- a failed profession sailor check during a storm sent him overboard where he very nearly drowned, but was rescued at -1 hp... He has taken several critical hits, some of which had lasting effects (I have a table for "Maiming Criticals") like missing an eye (permanent -2 on all ranged attacks) and more recently, being hamstrung (movement halved)... Every time he has either stabilized or been healed... In our last game session, he acquired a +4 Mithral Breastplate, which helped him plenty- Until he met with a gargantuan constrictor snake. In the first round of combat, he stabbed it with a longspear, then it scored a critical bite on him for about 53 points of damage, dropping him to 16 or so hp... Then it got to constrict him for a further 41 damage... No more Captain... He's a Githzerai Ninja now...

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