Monk of Foxes (foxsable) wrote in dnd3e,
Monk of Foxes

Common wizard spells

I am designing a dungeon created by an ancient wizard, and i would like it to be set up requiring (probably) the spells of 1-3rd level (common spells only) to bypass various traps thoughout the dungeon. These traps however should be simple enough that they can also be bypassed by clever means, or those same spells cast by the party. Spells such as waterbreathing, levitate, etc. For example, to get from one room to another you have to swim through a water filled tunnel, a wizard could easily use water breathing, but a strong swimmer might be able to get past as well. What is a common bevy that could be cast/known by an 8th level wizard? What traps could be bypassed by these spells or by non-magic solutions could bypass these.

Edited for clarity.

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