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D&D 3E
30th-Apr-2007 10:55 am
Sell your soul for a cookie
Ok simply put I'm setting up a game in the next couple months. Basically its the old "You get sucked into a gaming world and play yourself" type game. I have ran this type of game before but do to issues never finished.

The idea of the world they get sucked into is based on an ancient Archmage creating a sanctum where he can utilize his magic in peace without harming the rest of the world. The idea is that he suckes a littler dirt and sand from all over the multiverse. From Dragonlance to Forgotton Realms, small particaled are teleported in. HOWEVER, he died before he can turn the magic off and it still is absorbing other areas into it and a millenia later the magic has gone crazy and is now absorbing more then just a little sand. It used to absorb small things, then acres, and now towns. The goal is to have the players stop the magic and return home.

...and no they aren't going on a rollercoaster ride to get there.

The premise begins as theys it down to play a game with their DM when literally the world explodes around them and they become their characters. So basically the guy playing a minotaur is now a minotaur with his stats, mentala nd physical. So Suddenly he can't think as well as he used to and the player who used to be a the quarterback can barely lift a sword but finds himself thinking clearly for the first time as his wizard mind takes over. So in a way they are playing a minor dual personality. They are trying to be themselves but their minds are invaded by alien thoughts.

I'm trying to find a way to make a game mechanic that allows them to not only play themselves but their character as well. Think of it this way...the average person can't pick locks. However their character can. If you got caught in the world you suddenly can pick locks how can we establish this. Suddenly they find themselves much greedier. They find themselves looking at the gold coin and not only knows they want it but how they can get it.

I was thinking possably have an urge table. Something that when they come accross that their character wants to do (A dwarf might get drunk, an elf may go dancing) they would be compelled to do so. They would roll it and feel compelled to do so. Or maybe even have it work against them a bit. If they are doing something that is purely their character and they are suddenly reminded that they are not their character suddenly they can't do what they are doing. I'm just having them roll using their level as a bonus. Maybe even ignore the roll entirely with an action point.

Any ideas?
30th-Apr-2007 03:11 pm (UTC)
:D Yay! Characters with built in intelligent items that will likely breed Ego conflicts!

In your case, technically the players have two characters: 1) themselves, statted out to be their "real-world" personna, and 2) their gaming characters.

Come up with an Ego score for their gaming characters, and really the most important thing to figure out for their "real-world" selves is their Wisdom & Will saves.

That done, every time there is a conflict between character and player (happens alot in real life, but generally people just play into their characters cause there's no side-effects :D) have them roll a will save against the characters Ego. If they succeed, they can do as they please. If they fail, the character acts as the character should be acting and they're just along for the ride, until such a time as they would come into conflict again (but not this instance). It's also worth it to note that the system for determining the characters' Ego should rise as the characters gain experience (technically speaking, the "players" shouldn't be gaining experience); doing that makes it so that the long the players are playing their characters, the harder it is for them to resist playing into that character.

;] I love the idea, btw.
30th-Apr-2007 03:25 pm (UTC)
Thats a great Idea.

I might use a variation of that. I was trying to avoid the whole "Whats your Wisdom" conversation though. But thats a great idea for the most part.

The pleayers won't be gain expirience...per se. the "Player Character" would be gaining 1/2 the xp as they are 1/2 the character. So I might base their egos at 10 plus 1/2 the character level. Make it something simple like that.

Thanks. I also love your idea as well. Solves alot of problems.
30th-Apr-2007 03:35 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I can see where it's kind of touchy to come up with somebodies real-life stats.

:] Glad I could be of some help, though.
30th-Apr-2007 03:28 pm (UTC)
i was going to suggest somehtign similar - but to really go with the D&D cartoon by giving each player/character an intelligent signature item upon entering the world - one that fits in with what they are meant to be in terms of race/class
30th-Apr-2007 03:30 pm (UTC)
Thats not a bad idea either. The idea is when they get "sucked" into the world Im gonna have them empty their pockets whatever they have on hand is what they start with. If one has a pocket knife that will translate into a sword or soemthing. If they have 40.00 thats how much gold they start with. So forth.
30th-Apr-2007 04:35 pm (UTC)
an Urge Table?

That reminds me of FATE. :3

In that game, you use a number of characteristics (My Githyanki Bard had 'Alcoholic' and 'Sadistic' as two), and in a scene, a DM might find that there's some booze or someone who needs a good kicking while they're down, and I have to either blow a fate point to resist it, or I can get a point by giving in. Of course, in a scene the alcoholism can come in handy ('Oh, this liquor is from 1652, from Spain, from... B| Toledo'), which can also give/blow me a point.

So maybe you could pick a few traits like 'FOOTBALL :D' and 'Read the DMG a bajillion times' and use AP with them. Give in/Resist the trait (depending on the scene)? get a point :3. Give in/Resist? Burn a point. :O
30th-Apr-2007 05:59 pm (UTC)
I wouldn't go with "urges". It's too much like forcing a player to behave as you the DM wants. A much better way is to allow them to see that they are enhanced by their character. When they pull out a dagger their hands behave more smoothly than before. The fighter might find that as he swings his axe, it moves easier than it did.

The problem is the wizards and the priests. There used to be a series of books that did this very well, but i forget the author... Their heads could be instantly filled with this knowledge, and their tongue is practiced towards intoning certain syllables...
30th-Apr-2007 07:40 pm (UTC)
You can see something similar to what foxsable suggests in "The Bourne Identity" where Bourne reacts and fights in a way that looks and feels (on the screen at least) very instinctual. As far as learned knowledge, I wouldn't know how to handle that.

However, the biggest threat I see to your PCs is their eventually losing their original identities. Rather than treat it as a compulsion, consider the following:

Every day when a Player does a significant amount of activity "in-character", have them make a Will save. X number of failures (your call) means the player has lost his original identity. For each failure, jot down one or two facts that the player "forgets," ie either he doesn't know or it's replaced by some factoid the "in-game" persona knows (examples, where you were born, your mother's name, etc). When your player actively brings this up, slip him a note that sets him "straight." Now, if you have good roleplayers, the rest of the table will start to squirm if they notice the change.

Anyway, back to mechanics. Every day they act "in character" and make the Will Save, they're not out of the woods yet. Up the DC by 1 for each day they succeed. Now whether or not you "reset" the DC to an easier level is up to you, but it should become apparent that's its a losing struggle, which raises the stakes and gets them moving towards a solution rather than just reacting.
30th-Apr-2007 09:10 pm (UTC)
you might work it like Pact Magic, every morning when they wake up make a check of some type, and if they fail, then they take cumulative penalties for acting out of character.
1st-May-2007 01:13 am (UTC)
1: "Ahhh! That ill-concieved pseudo-narnian notion raises its head again! AHHHHH!"

2: (Now that that's out of the way) Make it a will save, or sanity check, or "ego check", depending on how far you want to go from official rules.

IMC (which has stalled for awhile; curse you real life!) I use sanity checks for some things, morale checks for others, and a flat DC-with-veto-point system for still others.

Sanity's simple if you want to avoid the whole "insanity" thing. Make it a % roll equal to the character's wisdom divided by 20, with each failure causing them to lose part of their "self" and go to their "character." Don't worry about rules, just go along with it, call them as you see a cause, and spread them out among everybody.
1st-May-2007 01:15 pm (UTC)
The sanity check seems to be the simplist so far. I dont have much expirience with EGO items and such but I like the idea of Ego Checks. But sanity is a simple d%.

Hmmm this will require alot of thought :D
1st-May-2007 05:57 am (UTC)
Honestly, this is a cool idea, and getting too caught up in the mechanic might take away from the neat-o aspect of it. I think mike's got a good idea for it with the memory thing, although that might be REALLY hard to implement. After all, what memories do you lose and why at what stage means drawing up a table of memories and experience weighted by psychological importance. The whole other character as magic item thing is easy, but iffy, as eventually you end up with characters basically being run by you--the worst thing ever for a player. EVER.

It would seem to me that the Sanity mechanic works best here, adapted to where the original personality slowly takes damage and slips more and more into the character, with damage values assigned to compulsive or in character acts. Give a will save as with the persona-as-item when something comes up that might force the character to the surface, with damage appropriate to how much of the character's personality is asserting itself. Then, the total intact Sanity (or Selfhood, Personal Memory, what have you) represents how much the player remains, like a percentage of the time he/she can act like their player persona and not the character, or even a weird mixture of player persona with character persona (like, imagine a person halfway between player Bob and Hrothmar Hammerfist the dwarf).

This would be fun, too, as you get to make a list of stereotypes the characters live up to or try to get away from. I feel sorry for any paladins in the group.
1st-May-2007 01:27 pm (UTC)
Thats the idea. They are everyday people stuck in stereotypical bodies and must have to fight. Conflict existing not only in the plot but within themselves.


Its gonna be sweet. But the last thing I want to happen is for them to loose themselves completely. A few bad rolls and they are generic BORING characters. I'm thinking of not having them "loose themselves" as much as the stereotype kicks in and ...nudges them to certain acts which is why i liked the Ego idea.
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