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D&D 3E
So I ran my first TPK today. Ended the campaign. Not on purpose, of… 
15th-Apr-2007 10:13 pm
So I ran my first TPK today. Ended the campaign. Not on purpose, of course.

I'm not sure what I think about it.
16th-Apr-2007 07:18 pm (UTC) - Defensive? Hardly...
I'm gonna disagree with you as well Phasmaphobic. Saying the DM allowed for a TPK because he just happened to set a scene with lethal potential is a weak argument.

Any environment/adcenture that involves risk to the PCs has the potential to become lethal -- that's the nature of the game. Unloess you strongarm the players into the "non-lethal" path (which ruins the game itself), there's always a chance that things will go bad. It doesn't matter whether it's bad die rolls, poor planning/strategy/decisions on the part of the players. It can happen.

It's hardly the DM's fault if he keeps thing balanced -- an orc with a greataxe can instantly kill a 1st level barbarian with a crit.

Since PCs will commonly do things that the DM won't expect, it just goes to show that things can swing either way. I had a high level party nearly get wiped out by a fair challenge (with them at full strength) because of some bad decisions. Almost ended the campaign right there, if the mage hadn't fled.

It's how the game goes. You can't feel miserable about it, nor should you cackle with glee over it. Best thing to do is to learn from it and break out the d6s.
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