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Monk of Foxes

Dming yourself into a corner...

I've dm'd myself into a corner, I think. here is the setup so far.

There is a town called West End which is cut off from the entire human kindgom, and has not had contact with the "old kingdom" in over 50 years. West End did however construct/reconstruct three other castles in the area(Redkeep and Anghor), as well as made contact with the arab flavored kingdom far to the south, Berezin. As far as any knows, the only races in existance are humans, elves, dwarves, and half breeds.

1. An army from the old kingdom is marching slowly toward West End with the intent to conquer it for it's vast natural rescources. The party is almost completely unaware of this.
2. A powerful druid went to a horribly evil ruined city and was taken over by a powerful evil spirit. This spirit helped the druid uncover lost texts detailing how to magically combine humans and animals to create monsters (read: kobolds, goblins, orcs, ogres, gnolls). He has been doing this for over 50 years. Some groups of such monsters have left, forming villages of their own. Since there are vast uncharted wilderness areas, this works for me.
3. Ships full of Hobgolbins(basically) who are not actually evil have landed on the shore west of Redkeep.

1. The evil druid has had a small portion of his army beseige Redkeep
2. In exchange for helping to defend Redkeep, the Hobgoblins have come into the castle through a secret entrance and are helping to defend/break the seige
3. An splinter group of humanoids has captured an NPC one of the party members is in love with. The party is headed towards that camp now.

I want the party to rescue the NPC, then return to either help with the seige of redkeep, or to west end, or elsewhere. I want them to make a bargain of some kind with the invading army from the old kingdom (selling land in exchange for rescources) and have the army from the old kingdom and the humans fight a climactic battle against the humanoid forces.

Just for scope, it takes at least one month to go from West End to Berezin, so we are talking about a vast area. (Roughly larger than Deleware for any of you also from the united states). I know it doesn't seem vast, but in Medieval times, it's big.

Now, the problem. While all this would be good for a book, I do intend the campaign to continue after this, and I do want the humanoids to hold huge tracks of land which create not only their own "country", but also create a barrier between the human lands and the Berezin people far to the south. How can I work towards a climactic

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