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One of the objects I'm planning to have in with the treasure at the end of my players' current dungeon delve, is basically a young Ravid in a jar. (I couldn't find any pictures, but they're vaguely dragonlike creatures from Irian, 'The Eternal Day'. Adults have large size, high strength, and are as dumb as bricks. I plan on playing it like a telepathic puppy. It'll also be terrified of arcane casters (the party doesn't have any), since it's been in the 'jar' for a good while, and was intermittently used as a power source before the dungeon was abandoned.) With any luck, getting the critter back to its home plane will be the next adventure. Being Eberron, this means finding an appropriate manifest zone and getting there before Irian goes out of contact.

[Edit: Discovered that Irian manifest zones don't work any more strongly while the plane is coterminous. Going to have to think about how to make the planar travel bit happen.]

Possible manifest zone:
- List of possible difficulties getting there

Aernal, maybe near to the Undying Court:
- Getting to Aernal in the first place (sea encounters, etc.)
- Dealing with unfamiliar elven society (possible interest of Houses Phirlan & Thuranni - Thuranni is the rangers' favoured organization)
- Elven unfriendliness to dragonlike critters/Possible mention in the draconic prophecy/Possible draconic interest
- Interest of the undying councilors themselves, for and against
- Anyone interested attempting to capture both party & ravid

The Cathedral of the Silver Flame:
- Some of the party members are warforged, and Thrane has indentured all of its warforged
- Getting into the cathedral with a big dragonlike critter
- Interest of Houses Phirlan & Thuranni, 'cause they're ubiquitous

Somewhere in the depths of Xen'Drik:
- Finding out where to go (library time, chasing clues, could turn this into a quest in itself)
- Possibly getting a patron for the journey (the site will have archaeological interest)
- Getting there (sea encounters, getting through the wilderness, giants/drow/etc.)
- Some sort of divine-magic-related ritual to strengthen the manifest zone enough for the critter to pass through

Anyone else have ideas?
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