Ce'talis (ryukiri) wrote in dnd3e,

D&D In Brooklyn

Hey all, (delete this if it's against the rules)

Just wanted to put out there that I'm looking for a couple of new players for an ongoing D&D campaign in the Brooklyn, NY area.

The campaign world is a homebrew that I put a goodly amount of time and effort into. (Didn't come out half bad, if I say so myself.) Aside from a map (ooh~!) and a short synopsis of the past 1000 years (go me!) there are various tidbits of things tossed into it from hither and yon. Essentially, most everything flies (not literally). :D

-Characters are currently 12th level and the game is being slightly reorganized after a near-TPK. (e.e I told them to draw from the Deck of Many Things at their own risk, but do they ever listen?)
-There are a few house rules, but nothing too earth shattering.
-I'm currently threading three or four plot-lines simultaneously (most of which takes place behind the scenes) so some things may not make sense to players/characters alike.

That's the bare-bones info on it, but if you'd like more or would like to join, feel free to drop me an e-mail at Cetalis_SilverDragon@msn.com.

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