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D&D 3E
Sea Encounters 
26th-Jan-2007 02:20 pm
I picked up the Stormwrack book a little while ago, and I'm writing up a sea-based adventure. What I'm having a lot of trouble with is figuring out encounter levels at sea. Obviously, a group of opponents on a small boat are going to have a lower EL than the same group on an ironside equipped with all manner of ballista and a firespout. Does anyone have any experience coming up with these sort of encounters? How did you design them? I know the book says to get away from ship-to-ship combat as fast as possible and back to one-on-one stuff, but I haven't found much else about balancing these encounters.

Oh, and while I'm posting, has anyone ever run into a divine spellcasting class that casts spontaneously (ala Sorceror)?
26th-Jan-2007 08:10 pm (UTC)
Our 10th level party on an underequipped boat had trouble with a dragon turtle.. any aquatic monsters present a problem unless the party as a whole can fly or swim well.

Ship to ship encounters work just like normal encounters. What happens to the ships isn't nearly as important as when it's boarded.
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