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Opinions wanted

Greetings all, I'm after a little help.

Behind the folowing cut is the basic, rough background for the upcoming campaign I'm runnign for my group. this is based in a homebrew world, a kind of half-way house between the Forgotten realms, and the Warhammer world.

The Player group will essentially be a groupf of pirates with their own sky-ship.

What I'm after is simple, one line suggestions for adventures based off of the background info..
And please bear in mind, this is very rough information, more details will be fleshed out as we go.

The new lord has assumed his place on the throne, but his legitimacy is under question until the bracers of the king are located. These bracers are the symbol of rulership for the region. The Bracers have been hidden by the doppleganger who is masquerading as the new lord’s advisor/brother. The doppleganger is under the influence of the Chaos Cult, and would love to find a way to be free of their influence. This would require the removal of a controlling crystal, currently embedded within its frontal lobes. Unlike most dopplegangers, this particular one has a scar on its forehead visible regardless of the form it’s in. It usually wears a periapt or other headband to disguise the scar.

The Cult of the enlightened star is controlling the doppleganger and is aware of the advancing chaos warrior threat. In fact, they are preparing the way for the advancing warrior fleet, engineering the plague to force people to the shore, to make them easier prey for the warriors.

The plague has had the side effect of destroying a large amount of the woodlands on the archipelago. This has lead to a large migration of the arboreal inhabitants to just a couple of the still wooded islands. Unfortunately, on moving to these islands the new inhabitants have adopted a very xenophobic outlook. In their eyes, strangers entering the woodland bring the plague. Anyone setting foot on the islands will be attacked and driven off. However they also realise that some contact with the outside world is required, and as such have a small island where visitors are accepted. The rest of the islands are patrolled quite strongly. They have also made pacts with the local undersea population, and have the surrounding oceans patrolled by them. The main weakness these islands have is the possibility of attack from the air. As such they are trying to hire mercenary sky ship crews, unfortunately, the Raptorians have a near monopoly on the sky sips.
An enormous eagle shaped comet streaked across the sky prior to the outbreak of the plague. This was considered a bad omen, as the last time it was seen, some 400 years ago and entire island was lost beneath the waves in a huge storm, and volcanic eruption. The comet is not the cause for the Plague, but the cult has engineered the timing.
The sunken island was the result of the experiments of a magic user. These experiments were initially meant to open portals to the elemental planes to provide alternate sources of elementals to fuel the sky ships, which went horribly wrong when the gates to all 4 elemental planes raged out of control.
Fortunately (Depending on your point of view) the magic user survived the sinking of the island, thanks to protective magic. He now exists as a Liche, under the ocean, with an island worth of aquatic undead at his beck and call. Unfortunately the Liche has, over the years become fearful of discovery by the surface dwellers, and will attack any surface ships that approach too close to the region. In addition he is not above having the undead raid surface coastal settlements to obtain additional supplies and slaves. He is aware of the approaching threats to the surface, and is fully aware he has the capability to stop a lot of the threats, but due to his fear and distrust of the surface dwellers views the threats as nothing to do with him.

There are also tales, from a few survivors of the attacks that a huge, ancient dragon is attacking skyships and some of the remaining mountain settlements. These attacks seem to be centred on one of the smaller islands; common rumour has it that this is the dragon’s lair. The attacks seem to be coming more often and further away from the supposed home island.
The she-dragon is attacking ships and settlements as person or persons unknown took her wyrmling. Its current whereabouts is unknown, and the dragons attacks will grow more frequent and deadly as time passes. In time it may be that the dragon will began taking captive to ransom for the return of her offspring.

The wastelands created by the plagues destruction of the woodlands is roamed by packs of ravening monsters, including a large number of extra-planar creatures, including packs of flesh-hounds and screamers. Slowly the attacks from these beast-packs are increasing in range and viciousness. The daemons are capable of maintaining there presence in the material realm for the lengths of times that they are doing because the Cult has seeded the area with wyrdstone, this seems to be providing the daemons with the magical energy they require to maintain a stable form. It also renders spells like detect magic less effective, and can cause random effects with spellcasters.

At present, the individual states of the archipelago realms are holing a fragile peace, despite all the incidents, however, the cult of the enlightened star are working towards breaking the peace down. This would, naturally, cause all-out war through the islands, which would be a boon to the blood-god khorne, and indirectly a boon to the power of the cults guiding masters.
One of the main threats to the peace is the questioned legitimacy of the new lord of the region. This is being question primarily because he does not have the bracers of the kings – the symbol of the authority of the ruler, which has been passed down since the initial forging of the peaceful realm from the previously warring islands. As mentioned previously, these have been stolen by the doppleganger, and passed onto a group of thieves, who unfortunately lost them in a drunken evening’s gambling.
The new lord has engaged the services of one of the regions' most notorious bounty hunters to locate & retrieve the bracers. The hunter himself has a reputation for never giving up the hunt 7 always getting the person he goes after. Unfortunately, this has led to rumours hat he uses gifts given by the dark power to achieve this. This rumours are also strengthened by his preferred mode of transport – a sky-manta – most scholars, who have heard the rumours believe this to be nothing less than a screamer of Tzeentch, gifted to him by his infernal masters. The mysterious air of the hunter is also heightened by the fact that no-one over sees his real face, and their are a number of rumours why this is so.
In truth, the hunter has nothing to do with the chaos powers, and with a chaotic good alignment is simply remarkable good at what he does. He is also covered with cars, following an unfortunate encounter with a wyrdstone infused fire-elemental. Unfortunately the scars seem to be remarkably resilient to any curative magic, hence the full face masks, and gloves. Polymorph potions/spells also have a limited effect on the hunter due to the wyrdstone caused scarring. He will still polymorph, but the new form will still be horribly scarred.

Approaching from the north is a force of chaos warriors, using a floating mountain as there base, their presence is beginning to be felt though the region. Fortunately, the mountain itself moves only slowly, although completely independently of the prevailing currents and wind. These warriors are primarily devoted to the blood god, and are looking forward to making landfall so they can continue the slaughter & bloodshed that there ever hungry deity demands. Unfortunately however, the warriors have allies in the form of a fleet of marauders, reapers and pirates, which use a combination of surface vessels and corrupted skyships to attack almost without warning. The corrupted skyships use fire & water elementals in place of the more usual air elements to enable them to move. They are unusual, as the fire elemental powered vessels tend to use fireball-based attacks rather than the more usual ballista, cannon and lightning bolts. The water elements based ships also seem to have the capability to travel beneath the surface, enabling the crews to travel unharmed and give almost total surprise on any surface vessels.

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