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D&D 3E
New Character 
5th-Jan-2007 08:22 am
I ditched the Warmage idea, too much to learn in a short period of time.

Anyway, I decided on a human fighter(I know, bo-ring), but that extra feat and skill points always seem to outweigh the other race bonuses to me. I'm interested in hearing some ideas for advancement in the core rules and possibly Complete Warrior. I might switch to a class out of Complete Warrior before the game starts too.

As it stands, the three feats I took were Weapon Focus(Greatsword - hard to pass up 2D6+3 damage at level 1 with a threat of 19-20), Power Attack, and Cleave(STR 17). I might change that up based on comments or something I see in CW.

5th-Jan-2007 06:33 pm (UTC)
I have to admit...it bugs me when people dismiss any type of character as "boring." It's one thing to say that a class or race or combo doesn't appeal to you. I, for example, don't have much desire to play a pure arcane spellcaster (although I'm considering the duskblade class from the Players Handbook 2 for when it's time to retire my current character and reboot the campaign). That's if I don't play a cleric. I like a character who can take a beating and come back for more. Personal preference, though.

That said, flavor can come as much from good roleplay as from skills or feats. What's your character like? How did he/she become a fighter in the first place? Where will you find him/her in town- in the tavern, practicing with whoever can be found in hopes of picking up a few new tricks? What do the character's parents think about them taking up adventuring (assuming you're starting at 1st level)? The answers to those questions and more can help add a lot of flavor and depth to your character.

I would highly recommend PHB2 for some of the feats. For one thing, there's one allowing a fighter with the Endurance feat to use the Con modifier rather than the Wis modifier for Will saves. And another with the Iron Will and Endurance pre-reqs that allows you to roll 2D20 on some will saves and use the higher result. And lots more that make a higher-level fighter more appealing from a power perspective.

You can also consider prestige classes, depending on what your DM will allow. Your feat choices make sense to me. But if you want to consider some of the PHB2 feats, you might consider taking Endurance or Iron Will, use Power Attack as your fighter bonus feat for 1st level, and take Cleave when you get the next fighter bonus feat.

Most of all...have fun.
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