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D&D 3E
New Character 
5th-Jan-2007 08:22 am
I ditched the Warmage idea, too much to learn in a short period of time.

Anyway, I decided on a human fighter(I know, bo-ring), but that extra feat and skill points always seem to outweigh the other race bonuses to me. I'm interested in hearing some ideas for advancement in the core rules and possibly Complete Warrior. I might switch to a class out of Complete Warrior before the game starts too.

As it stands, the three feats I took were Weapon Focus(Greatsword - hard to pass up 2D6+3 damage at level 1 with a threat of 19-20), Power Attack, and Cleave(STR 17). I might change that up based on comments or something I see in CW.

5th-Jan-2007 06:25 pm (UTC)
The thing about Fighters is that they're all about specialization. They can be boring, yes, but they only fail to add flavor if the player fails to take them in a direction.

Two primary ways to go here:

1) Efficient: Pick a direction to specialize in (tank, "big sword," archer, etc.), then make sure you take only the feats that make him good at that, and skills that compliment. Then (and here's the trick), you ROLE PLAY his personality in such a way as to make him interesting (is he determined to be the very best at what he does - constantly practicing, always looking for the next challenge, etc.? Or is he lazy, and doing this only because "it's what I'm good at"?). It's all about personality at that point. He uses a Greatsword, and is a flunky to the town boss - is he compensating for something?

2) Color: Do the unthinkable, and don't take the most efficient skills and feats. Make him weird, or off-the-wall. Maybe he's a guy who was drafted as a kid, and discovered that he's a "natural" at this killing thing, but when the war was over, he was cut loose, and now he's trying to figure out what to do with his life. He's been wandering, picking up things here and there, and now sort of "lucked into" his current job "while he looks for something better." Give him 2-3 ranks in a craft, or a profession (or two), take a feat that's not in the "feat chain" for a greatsword specialist-type. As he gains levels, have him pick up other weapons, other skills, and/or other classes. Role play him as curious, or distracted, something other than "big dumb fighter with huge sword." Actually, big dumb guy with a sword can be fun too, especially if you add something to it, like "big dumb guy with a pet hamster" (it's been done), or "big dumb guy who likes to wear purple," or even "big dumb guy who happens to be a brilliant painter/sculptor/etc." It throws people off, and adds color.

With ANY character, it's about the choices you make, and squelching (or perhaps giving in to) your inner Munchkin. I rarely go outside the core books for my characters, because there's so much versatility, if you're willing to have your character ignore the meta game and make choices that might not be "the best." With fighters, being "the best" at something is how they were designed, and what you choose to specialize in is a form of color for that class, so you get the best of both worlds you can be a master of something AND be colorful, depending on how many other people decide to do the same thing (of course, the competition that springs from that can also add color...).

Work with the DM and make sure that you will have opportunities to exhibit your character's color (be it through opportunities to do massive damage with that blade, or by having people notice that intricately detailed soap dove carving that your character made "because it was a pretty birdie").

Don't apologize for taking a specific class. Go with it, love it, and help everyone else around the table appreciate the care and personality you've put into this original character.

/soapbox. :-)
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