The Gimp (gimp101) wrote in dnd3e,
The Gimp

Sunder is awesome...

Oh, ye of little faith who don't like to sunder their opponents weapons... My Goliath Barbarian is now 4th level in the 'Age of Worms' campaign... The party has been battling nasty grimlocks I found some cheeky ones hiding in a small tunnel, poking me with longspears, which might have been a bit of a bugger until I whip out my HUGE GREATAXE and sunder their longspears into quarterstaffs...! Their puny attacks of opportunity were used up on me when I approached and none of them got me anyway... So they decide to come at me with morningstars- bad idea, 2 rounds later I'm still unscathed and they are on negative-20-something hitpoints... *Chuckle* Sunder is indeed, the bomb...

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