Andrew (_ogmios) wrote in dnd3e,

AC question. Lets see if I missed anything.

I'm playing a game in which I possess an 18th-level Sorcerer. We are currently attempting to Sunder a hellfire engine, capture the heart of Mephistopheles and giant-nap his High Priestess. Clearly, this is going to suck, especially for a party of five who haven't had a chance to liquidate loot in about five levels.

My Sorcerer is walking into battle with Mirror Image, Displacement, and Mind Blank, and Spell Resistance just for starters, and I was wondering if anyone could suggest something I missed to bump the ole AC. I've got a Dex of 20 Naturally, and I'm bumping that to 24 through a Cat's Grace. I have a +2 Defending Quarterstaff cum Staff of Power giving me a +4 to AC (+2 Defending, +2 Luck). I'm a Argent Savant, meaning that my Shield adds +6 to my AC, and I've got a Shield of Faith +5 up and running. My amulet of Natural Armour is +2, and I'm hastened for +1 to AC. That should add up to 41.

Oh, and I'm running with Improved Invisibility and a Fly spell.

Did I miss any tricks?

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