Jürgen Hubert (jhubert) wrote in dnd3e,
Jürgen Hubert

Help me save the RPG Graveyard!

Some time ago, I founded the RPG Graveyard, a wiki repository dedicated to all those player characters who died a heroic, humiliating, or just plain spectacular death. The idea was that people could enter their character as well as a short tale of his demise into it so that others could have fun reading about their final adventure as well.

Well, the wiki did get some entries from various people. It now has close to 50 entries, but in recent months, additions dropped down to nearly zero.

And today, when I checked my User page, I found the following from one of the Wikia moderators:

This wikia has not had any edits for the past 35 days at least. It seems to be Dead, I'm going to mark it for adoption unless you tell me otherwise...

Just giving you a heads up, to check; cchristian

Deadless to say, I'd love to prove to him that the RPG Graveyard is not dead. So I'd greatly appreciate it if you could think back to your recent campaigns, and, if you remember any especially noteworthy PC deaths, enter them into the wiki.

And if not...

Well, perhaps you can enjoy reading the existing entries while they are still there.

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