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D&D 3E
Stuff your gullet! 
23rd-Oct-2006 02:16 pm
So, my players finally defeated a black dragon that had been hounding them. They were in a town for the battle (she sought them out) and now the dead dragon is lying in the street in town, being dissected and chopped up. The players want to eat the dragon, and take it's hide for armor.

Anyone know some rules or such about these things?

I thought the Draconomicon had rules on skinning a dragon, but didn't see them. And... eating a dragon's bits? I mean sure, steak for the entire town! But I'm thinking I let them butcher it up as one would a deer or cow, and away we go. But, still... I dunno. Gross. She was sentient, too, is that an alignment violation or something? LOL Just... icky.
24th-Oct-2006 02:20 pm (UTC)
In a fantasy-medieval setting, you can feel free to follow the fantasy-medieval tropes. I don't think that dragonhide armor and dragon steaks are out-of-line in this sort of setting.

A dragon may be intelligent, but it is not HUMANOID. It's a huge monster, that happens to be able to speak. We're talking about a setting where every third four-legged beast you come across has magic powers and can beg for its life - I don't think these people are going to regard eating a dragon as an evil act.

PS: the rules for dragonhide armor are lame, as are the rules for almost all "special materials." The idea of wearing a suit of dragonhide armor that ISN'T enchanted somehow is ridiculous, just like non-magical mithril gear. Give them a hefty discount towards making acid-resistant armor (of any variety) and call it good.
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