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D&D 3E
Hi. Not only am I new to this community, but I'm new to the game… 
17th-Nov-2003 02:28 pm
Ceiling dog
Hi. Not only am I new to this community, but I'm new to the game itself. A group of my friends is putting together a new campaign, and have invited me to join them. Thus will I begin my dnd experience.

I'm in the process of putting together my first-ever character, and I want people's input, since I've never done this. Now, from my reading, I've decided that I'm most fond of Gnomes, racewise; and Druids, class-wise. So. Have any of you ever played a Gnome Druid, or with one? Any thoughts on the combination? Or any advice on creating characters? I know the theory, but one can only learn so much from books.

Obviously, any help would be appreciated hugely. Oh, and if you use any jargon or terminology that someone brand new to the game might not understand, I'd appreciate if you'd give a quick definition or explaination. I'm not a moron, I'm just really really new.
17th-Nov-2003 01:00 pm (UTC)
this actually a great combination... due to the small stature and the fact that you get to designate your animal companion's starting trained skills, you can get ride skills, teach your companion to accept rider(two training points though), attack(still two here, you might run outb already but its all you need anyway), and get a companion at least medium sized(wolf or medium dire bat, i belive in dnd3e dinosaurs are now animals though i don't know if there are any good dinosaur companions).

riding your companion offset the facts that you have a smaller carrying capacity and slower mobility. you can use the mount as cover and cast your druid spell(you get two checks, ride, concentration, either will prevent your spell from being disrupted. later when you get iron wood learning to use a lance will be a charmer but for now magic fang the mount let him do the work...

17th-Nov-2003 08:39 pm (UTC) - RPGs
Well, I can fine-tune your Druid if you'd like, but in the meantime I'll just restrict my commentary to how you could combine the two.

Since gnomes are an unusual synthesis of natural and artificial worlds, it would be facinating to make a gnome druid who didn't hate machines/science/tools (technology). You could make him a potent alchemist (apothecary) by mixing druidic magic, herb lore, and gnomish alchemical knowledge.

Wield a gnome-sized spear, and look into the Book of Exalted Deed's Intuitive Attack (especially since it works with natural weapons).
17th-Nov-2003 10:51 pm (UTC)
just a simple note here...first off welcome to the game. Always nice to have new players refresh the ranks. Secondly, explore what ever classes are out there.Ive been playing since 1st ed came out...and ill tell you the same advice i tell my players. make a simple char first. Several reasons:

1: simple chars are easy to construct, which gets you familar with the char creation process...like a fighter for example.

2. simple chars are easier to play, thereby a lot more forgiving when you make mistakes. (and you will dont worry...)

3. Watch other players that you like (their gaming style way they rolplay etc) and notice their characters. Characters should never be just stats on a peice of paper. Start simple and watch how others play the more advanced chars....that way you can see the sublte differences bewteen playing say a mage versus a sorcerer.

4. Lastly...have fun. Sure you want a gnome druid...make it...but it goes back to you have to crawl before you can walk thing....learn the feats, abilities and such before trying to play a char that relies heavily on all the above.

You may not like this...but make a human fighter for example. you learn how to make them, how the points go..how the feats can be used...you can see how other people play their chars (that way you wont get bitched at for making a mistake) and you have fun.

nothing kills your fun than other players that disagree with how you play your char or tell you what you should do with it. As a newbie magic user...expect more exp. players to be saying..do this..or you should have done that....it makes you lose your fun and your sense of character...a fighter may sound stupid but you have fun (nobody really says hey dont attack that bad guy) learn the system (with an easier char) and as you get more comfortable...then create your druid....with the knowledge that you want to play it and how to play it...
18th-Nov-2003 01:49 pm (UTC)
how very logical. thank you.
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