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Goblins, and kobolds, and orcs, oh my!

*trying to keep good conversations in this community going lol*

So I'm introducing the races listed above and others as bred races, created by an evil Druid and some dark rituals. The druid is basically capturing people and transforming them into anthropomorphic animals, hence the races (warthog + man = orc!). I want to have my 1st level party begin to encounter them, but since I haven't used any of those races in a game in almost 4 years, I was looking for some compelling ways to introduce them. I thought I could begin by having one "orc" come back to his home to his family, which he had been missing for for over 10 years. When they locked the door, I was going to have him lose his temper (after all, he was more beastial now) and chop down the door, kill his wife's new husband, and generally start tearing things up.

Besides that, I want the party to begin to encounter these peoples out in the wild. What are some interesting setups you can think of? What has worked in your games?

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