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PC Taboos

I'm looking at the Wu Jen class in Oriental Adventures, and at 1st level, and every level divisible by 3, the character has to adopt a taboo. Help me think of some fun ones?

* May not wear shoes
* Must never go unarmed, even when bathing or sleeping (this adds an extra disadvantage to being held captive)
* Must never use a physical weapon
* Vow of silence (or, may not speak the campaign equivalent of Common)
* No [certain type of person] may see them eat
* Must never kill (though rendering a creature 'dying' (-1 to -9HP) is alright)
* Must wear a mask or veil at all times
* Must not lie
* May never tell a complete truth or pass on the entirety of their knowledge of a topic
* May not consume garlic
* Must fast one day per week
* Must inscribe explosive runes (or a similar reading-activated spell) on their hand, and replace the spell within one day of its activation.
* May not acknowledge the existance of [certain person/group/type] (This'd be fun if one selected the class of another party member.)
* May not accept surrender or otherwise take prisoners
* Must keep a Significant Tree (i.e. a particular bonsai) within 30' at all times, and care for it regularly. [Edit: A bit like this, but smaller and lighter.]
* Must drop everything and make a religious offering when it rains

[Edit: I didn't explain the concept of the taboo clearly enough first time 'round. The Wu Jen character selects each taboo (no dice involved), and in exchange gains a a metamagic version of a spell, which doesn't take up a higher-level spell slot. If the character breaks the taboo, willingly or otherwise, they can't cast spells for the remainder of that day.

It seems like the function of the taboo is to make the character odd - one of the example taboos given in the sourcebook is 'may not bathe', which isn't exactly calculated to make others respond favourably. (In some circumstances, it's worth a cha penalty in its own right!)]

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