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This will be fun

Help me get free pie!!!!

Okay, no pie.. but I could use help. I would like to compile a %age chart of events that happened to shape a characters life for a little experiment I want to try. So I want to see what we can come up with as a community. These are things that could have happened while a child was growing up, before their adventuring career started.

Here are the rules:
1. Keep it general so that it could fit into almost any campaign setting (ie "a wild animal stole his sandwhich" rather than "an owlbear stole his sandwhich"
2. Nothing to graphic. Lets keep it at least pg-13, or at least a non-detailed R.
3. Lets leave out death of a parent. Siblings are fine, but I'm handling parentage a different way. Other than that, kill off anyone you want, but add what manner they died.
4. Nothing EXCEPTIONALLY magical, such as "someone wished they had purple fairy wings", but "burned by a fireball" would be fine.

That's it! This should be fun, I look forward to what we come up with!
Tags: campaign worlds, dm advice

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