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D&D 3E
My Website! 
10th-Sep-2006 09:37 pm
I'm brand new here, but I'm starting a blog of DnD stuff and would LOVE some feedback. I've been playing for about 10 years now (I'm 21) and DMing most of that time, just generally having a good time. I'm making this blog just to get my stuff out there, I suppose I should also probably submit to various other websites as well- and to Wizard itself, now that I think about it! Anyhow, feedback of any sort is appreciated greatly. You can view my site here.

In other news, I'm starting a sorcerer and am contemplating sort of a dark-wizard style build, with specialties in necromancy... do you guys have any suggestions for leveling a sorcerer? I've never played a sorcerer before, so I don't know much about what spells are good for them to take- since they can know so few but cast so many. I know simple damage spells like searing ray or magic missile would be useful, but does anyone have any off-the-wall suggestions or useful tips about leveling a sorcerer? Thanks!
11th-Sep-2006 04:25 am (UTC)
I haven't played my sorcerer for very long, but I did start at a fairly high level (11th) so I had to build him from the grounds up.

When making choices for your sorcerer, keep in mind that he'll be very good at a few things, so try to focus on his strengths. If you want a sorcerer with spells from the necromantic school, for example, then pick feats such as Spell Focus (Necromancy), or metamagic such as Chain Spell which work quite nicely with some necromantic spells (Chained blindness is a killer). If you try to be good at many things, you will end up being not very good at anything.

Speaking of metamagic feat, pick at least one, more if possible. You will use them a lot, and you won't have to choose ahead of time which spell to apply them to. Be flexible with your spell slots, and try to think of them in terms of which metamagic feat you can use. For instance, my sorcerer only has a single 5th level spell, teleport (he is a multiclass elemental savant so he lost a caster level), but I end up using Empowered lightning bolt most of the time with my 5th level slot, while making sure I can still cast an emergency teleport.

I haven't played for very long, so I'm sure other people will come up with better suggestions.
11th-Sep-2006 07:57 am (UTC)
You're right - sorc is a damn rather difficult to power play. I still think that best sorcerer is multiclass fighter or rogue (for sneak attack to your scorching ray).
But yes - you should take spells with care - only the ones you will use frequently.

About necromancer... I strongly recomend to use as many completes and add-ons as you can - Necromancy in PHB is one of the weakest schools... And you should think about prestige-class (Best choise is Pale Master from Tome and Blood)
11th-Sep-2006 12:53 pm (UTC)
The Pale Master has been updated and is in Libris Mortis (I believe that was the spelling).

When in doubt, hit WotC's consolidated lists (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/lists/prc is the PrC one)
11th-Sep-2006 03:34 pm (UTC)
How may I forget about Libris Mortis - this is the book you need to create a powerful sorcerer-necromancer!
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