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D&D 3E
Idle queries... 
27th-Aug-2006 05:26 pm
1. Anyone know the stats for a Half-Drow...?

2. Has anyone played or dm'd a Warlock...? Are they broken or what...?

3. Can you stack magical effects on items, eg: Cloak of Elvenkind that is also a Cloak of Resistance...?

4. If you take a running jump and cast levitate on yourself, does your momentum carry you forward as the spell carries you upward...?

5. Is anyone else as excited as me about Savage Tide...? PIRATES...!!!
27th-Aug-2006 07:49 pm (UTC)
Warlock= hella broken. Like beyond broken. Never played one, but I played with one, and damn.
27th-Aug-2006 08:06 pm (UTC)

I've played one. Its not really that bad.

Take a look at at 7th level characters:

Your ranged fighter is doing 3 attacks a round, (Rapid Shot) for 3d10+3xStrength + 3xmagic damage, total. Attacking armor, but with a ~+14 to hit (BAB, Dex, magic, WF).
Your melee, single weapon fighter is doing 4d6 (great sword) + 3x Strength damage + 2xmagic enhancement. Again at about +14 to hit, v. armor. Your two-weapon fighter is doing about the same, all things told, with a slightly worse to-hit.
Your single-weapon rogue is doing 1d6 weapon+str+magic+4d6 sneak attack. Around a +14 to hit (less BAB, but flanking). Two weapon Rogue is doing twice that in damage, at about a +11 to hit.

Your Sorceror can do at least 4d4+4 for round upon round (Magic missle), always hit for 8 rounds. A 14 more rounds can be 8d6 (Scorching Ray) with a TOuch attack at +7 or so. Plus they have choices of area affect spells, and similar.
Wizard is close, but slightly less damage. More flexiblity, though.

Cleric and druid is a little less, as is bard.

Warlock is doing 4d6 damage a round, on a touch attack at a +11. THey're hitting warriors more, dex based creatures less than the fighters.

They have some things they can add to that damage, but in general, they have worse range than the ranged fighters, no flexiblity, and such.

They can bolster themselves with wands, which is nice, but that costs monetary resources.

They're not broken, unless you're spending 30+rounds in combat encounters a day. And that's probably more than 4 encounters a day, at that rate.

Your wizard can
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