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D&D 3E
2nd-Nov-2003 12:00 am
Anyone know of any IRC/chat-based D&D 3(.5)e games that are seeking players? I can't find any local games, and I've got all kinds of fun characters I want to try out...
5th-Nov-2003 02:15 pm (UTC) - IRC... the bane of my existence
I know a few, but whether or not there are any games at all running is questionable. I will give you the rooms I frequent, and perhaps we can find a gm and get a game running.

on Undernet servers there are:

of those I frequent #ad&d, there are probably other #, but I don't know there names and I don't go into them. (WARNING: most of the people in #ad&d are assholes) My nick on Undernet is Jobee

On dalnet (for working servers go to www.dalnet.com, I use Jade.dal.net)


that's the only one that I'm for sure on, but there are probably others. These guys are pretty nice, but number of people in there has gone down due dalnet having some serious problems.

My nick on dalnet is also Jobee.

Right... otherwise just try random # names and see if anyone is in there. That's what I usually do. ;) Good luck!!
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