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The conflicts of using variants

So this is definetly somethign that is stumping me good, here.  I'm looking through Unearthed Arcana at the Class Defense variant and the Armour as Damage Reduction as two viable options.  Then this hits me: do they include a shield into the section of AC that DOSEN'T stack with Class Defense? or can a 14th level fighter have +10 AC thanks to Class Defense and +2 AC thanks to a steel shield.  On top of that, if it's a +2 shield...  What do I do?  Consider it a +4 and not stack it with class defense?  Or for that matter, if the fighter chooses to wear +2 full plate (+6 AC and 4/- DR respectively), would that +2 stack with Class Defense??  My head hurts just writing this down.  I guess the big question would be does magical AC enhancements count as armour or magical enhancements for the purpouse of Class Defence?, along with the shield question.


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