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D&D 3E
I came up with an idea and have been thinking it over the past few… 
30th-Jul-2006 10:11 am
I came up with an idea and have been thinking it over the past few weeks...

Have any of you ever tried running a godless (athiest, skeptic, non magical, realism) campaign?
The idea would be that no magic could be used unless it is something that can be replicated with logical and real counterparts.

healing, a ball of fire, an animal companion are all things that can reasonably be explained and replicated with logic, basic technology, alchemy.
but animating the dead, enlarging a person, a magic missile, and vampiric touch are purely based on fantasy and wouldn't be allowed.

I think there's so much more that could be explored through character development if the inexplicable magic and other-worldly powers were stripped away.

Sounds like a huge blast of fun to me, but probably ruins the games for every other person on the planet.
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30th-Jul-2006 06:11 pm (UTC)
I did the same thing in ditching gods for my current campaign. I just got rid of divine magic. No more clerics, druids, or paladins (paladins have their own issues anyway so I really didn't mind getting rid of them), and dropped a ranger's spellcasting. I'm trying out using Pact Magic as a replacement for kind of "drawing on the power of extraplanar forces" idea. Most otherwise the D&D game stays exactly the same. Of course, I did use various UA rules and stuff so that the lack of healing isn't game-ending, but really there was very little change.

I also really like magic being rare and mistrusted, but in order for that to really work you do need to practically rewrite the game--not only how players work, but monsters and the game in general as well. I've decided to settle on just magical items being rare and wizards being special, though understandable. Casting a spell definately gets you noticed, but most people realize that wizards are around so aren't stoning them to death.

30th-Jul-2006 08:12 pm (UTC)
The problem is to do so you wind up having to rewrite so much of the game that its not D&D anymore.


Change "cleric" to "white mage", and you're done. You wind up with warcraft-like generic fantasy, which works just fine.
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