Jeremy (jsmiff) wrote in dnd3e,

New Psionics Sourcebook

Since this is a psionic's book, I'll put this behind an LJ cut

For those of you interested in psionics in D&D 3.5, myself and some others have written a book of new material for psionic characters, NPCs, and campaigns titled Untapped Potential: New Horizons in Psionics. Information can be found here: Dreamscarred Press.

The book is 170 pages, pdf format. We intend to have a print version with art, which will likely increase the page count by a bit, but for now, we are offering the PDF for $5, which will also qualify purchasers for a discount on the print version when that is available.

So far, all feedback received has been positive, but it has also been primarily from psi-fans, so I admit that there's a bias and we're working to get impartial reviews, as well.

I apologize if this is the inappropriate place to post this. I checked the DND3E details and didn't see anything about it, so if I'm in the wrong, please feel free to remove this post.


Dreamscarred Press founder

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