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D&D 3E
23rd-Oct-2003 08:17 am
Fakir to Ahiru
Okay, my friend and I came up with this really good plot line for a campaign. We're working out the kinks in the backstory so we can write it out. At least three of the characters are going to be Tauric creatures. I had looked through the Savage Species book and did not see what to go by for aging so we thought that we would use the Elven age line for the three that are elventaurs. There is a Wild Elf/Grphontaur, a Moon Elf/Unicorntaur, and a Drow/Nightmaretaur so far. Should we go by the elven age? Another question is that looking at the template for creating a Tauric creature they start out pretty powerful, so what level should we look at starting the non-taur characters? We were thinking probably lvl 10. Is that too high? Too low?
23rd-Oct-2003 07:05 am (UTC)
The Tauric Template should probably have a level adjustment on it right? Or I'd suggest a combined level adjustment for your horseyforms plus an adjustment for the drow.
23rd-Oct-2003 10:05 am (UTC)
Not exactly sure. I was looking at the book in the store, will be buying it this weekend so I'll know for sure. But looking at the HP that the Tauric creatures start with, it's pretty high. The book says to add the number of hit die for each half of the Tauric creature and make the hit die that # of d8. So the Wild Elf/Gryphontaur has a hit die of 8d8 or atleast that is how I understood it. If I am wrong please correct me on this.
23rd-Oct-2003 11:25 pm (UTC)
   Tauric implies it is basically half of both, so just use half of the elven age categories. Adulthood 55, Middle Age 87, Old 131, Venerable 175, Maximum Age +2d%. Starting ages would be +2d6 for barbarian, rogue, and sorcerer, +3d6 for bard, fighter, paladin, and range, and +5d6 for cleric, druid, monk, and wizard.
   Your tauric creatures aren't going to be all that powerful if they start as level 1 characters. The Griphon would be 8th level (7 Monstrous Humanoid + 1 Character level), Unicorn would be 5th level, and Nightmare would be 7th level. The average (rounded down) challenge rating of your tauric creatures (which gets a +1 CR modifier) is 7, so let your non-tauric creatures play 7th level characters, and your campaign should run smoothly.
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