The Gimp (gimp101) wrote in dnd3e,
The Gimp

What's your poison...?

As a DM, I've generally let my players harvest the poison from poisonous creatures with a successful craft (poisonmaking) check, DC 10 plus the creatures HD, yielding 1D4 doses... A similar method to procure it from various plants, (though nobody had the sense to find poisonous plants) and obviously you can buy poison from less than reputable merchants for exorbitant prices (2500gp for 1 dose of Black Lotus Extract...?!?!?)
I recently looked up some poisoncrafting techniques in the BoVD and found them very wanting... Regular craft checks as per the PHB means it can take weeks to craft ONE DOSE of poison, which is also unacceptable... I am soon to be playing a 10th level Druid who likes to use poison- a lot... So now I'm looking for a way to craft poison which isn't going to cost me my large dire weasel animal companions weight in gold pieces, and doesn't take weeks to craft ONE DOSE of anything worthwhile... I highly doubt the DM is going to let me use my own method (which I also am going to change), so any help would be appreciated to find a suitable method that is a happy medium...

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