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D&D 3E
23rd-Oct-2003 02:27 am
First post here, previous lurker, yadda yadda.

I was looking for an interesting cleric prestige class and came across the Auron. Not being one with the experience to easily judge such things as balance, I'm curious as to what other people think of the class, and if it could become more cleric-like (faster spell progression, perhaps a d8 hit die rather than d10, and no new armor and weapon proficiencies) and it be balanced.

Any suggestions?
23rd-Oct-2003 10:31 pm (UTC)
   This prestige class is quite confusing to me. Firstly, it states you have to be able to cast Divine spells of 1st level, but after the requirement you don't even get extra divine spells. It doesn't make sense for a class to require something it doesn't even feature. The same with the Extra Turning feat, if this class wants to limit uses per day it needs to give spells per day, not a complicated list of unofficial "feats". Second, this seems to me a bard class. Diablo 2's paladins aren't anything like D&D paladins, so making a class based off Diablo 2 is like making a class from Final Fantasy (meaning it's lame as hell). And third, this prestige class would take up about six pages in a book without a information table, which makes me think it's way too complicated.
   My advice is to check out the Defenders of the Faith book for ideas on how to play clerics or paladins, and prestige classes you could take with them.
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