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Im NEW and i got a couple of questions

i Just joInEd 5 secoNdS ago...HI...Ive been playing D&D for a whiLE [just baught the Book of Exalted Deeds]
I like to play as Rogues, rangers and fighters
fav race is the tiefling Fey-rei [hehe i love using Suggestion on dumb NPCs]

anYWay...for the past month i have been working on a campaign for my friends and i to play [this is about my 10th time DMing]...i have about 45 - 50 pages of notes and maps and around 20 major NPCs...i set the game up to be between 6 to 8 PCs starting at level 1 [aaah nothing like starting fresh]
anyway...i got a major question that has been pissing me off
I made an NPC which isn't an enemy [but may have to fight the PCs] and isn't a cohourt or protector...he is more of a guiding force...he is at a kinda high level and is multi-classed [w/lots of class and racial feats & high ability scores...due to good rolling and level up add-ons]...but how powerful is too powerful for a group of people starting at level 1?

Ive made SoME new weapons [including a new intelligent weapon], armor, and magic stUff...which i find pretty impressive and a new Prestige class...if anyone would like to look at them and use them feel free to ask me [btw the prestige class is called White Knight] hehe

I'll try to keep you all posted w/the campaign i run...its gonna start in 3 weeks lol
thanks for the timE
LaTer Daze

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