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D&D 3E
Im NEW and i got a couple of questions 
21st-Oct-2003 11:22 pm
i Just joInEd 5 secoNdS ago...HI...Ive been playing D&D for a whiLE [just baught the Book of Exalted Deeds]
I like to play as Rogues, rangers and fighters
fav race is the tiefling Fey-rei [hehe i love using Suggestion on dumb NPCs]

anYWay...for the past month i have been working on a campaign for my friends and i to play [this is about my 10th time DMing]...i have about 45 - 50 pages of notes and maps and around 20 major NPCs...i set the game up to be between 6 to 8 PCs starting at level 1 [aaah nothing like starting fresh]
anyway...i got a major question that has been pissing me off
I made an NPC which isn't an enemy [but may have to fight the PCs] and isn't a cohourt or protector...he is more of a guiding force...he is at a kinda high level and is multi-classed [w/lots of class and racial feats & high ability scores...due to good rolling and level up add-ons]...but how powerful is too powerful for a group of people starting at level 1?

Ive made SoME new weapons [including a new intelligent weapon], armor, and magic stUff...which i find pretty impressive and a new Prestige class...if anyone would like to look at them and use them feel free to ask me [btw the prestige class is called White Knight] hehe

I'll try to keep you all posted w/the campaign i run...its gonna start in 3 weeks lol
thanks for the timE
LaTer Daze
21st-Oct-2003 08:40 pm (UTC)
Oy. Well, a reasonable challenge like, boss-fight style would be close to 2 to 3 CR higher than the average party level. But that's acocunting for a balanced 4-PC party. With your numbers, I'd say maybe 4-6 CR higher than average level perhaps, but it would require a bit of experimenting. If you're creating magic items, the DMG (particularly the 3.5 DMG) has some methods of assigning a monetary value to your items and from there you can gauge how powerful your NPC's loot is in comparison with his or her level. As for Prestige Classes, that's a bit trickier and you'll just have to compare to other prestige classes.
21st-Oct-2003 08:47 pm (UTC)
ThankS for the NPC advice

as for my items and Prestige class...they came out very well...for the items worked everything out for them...and they are well balanced, priced, etc etc
and the prestige class is balanced...i compared it to..the black guard [if i remember correctly] when i made it...im pretty gooD at this sTuFf...but nothing is as good as the monsters i made...they are just aweSomE, next im gonna try to make a deity lol

thank you loads for the HElp
awesome IcOn
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