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D&D 3E
D&D Online 
28th-May-2006 11:14 pm
I've always been a fan of pnp, so I'm not sure if I love or hate the new DDO game--it's a nice game, yea, but it doesn't stick very well to what I loved best about the v3.5 rules--and it didn't have some of the best things, like choosing gods, familiars, and special classes like druids and what not! I just finished my trial period, so can anyone tell me if it's even worth getting all my game buddies into it, and skipping off pnp?
29th-May-2006 07:19 am (UTC)
Eh, yea, same here.

By abandoning pnp I meant becoming a black hole which warps all my freinds into whatever it is I'm interested in--like I'm doing with livejournal right now :D YAAAY~

But, really, are they gonna change it drastically enough? I hope so. It's just too cool an idea and too pretty a graphics engine to not want it to succeed...
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