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D&D 3E
Evil Adventures... 
29th-May-2006 09:59 am
Can't find any... It's that simple... I run them from the top of my head, I convert them from good aligned adventures, etc... I am lucky enough to have a gaming group that doesn't just try and kill each other and take their stuff, who can play evil characters AND work together well as a team... I can only throw them up against so many Exalted characters, angels, guardinals, send them on so many village-corrupting, noble-slaying, power-hoarding, water-source-defiling, deicidal missions... Not to mention the multitudes of rival bad-guys they come across and invariably wipe out... I'm tired of thinking and would like to run something 'from the book' that can span at least 3 or 4 levels... Then, (unbeknownst to my players) I will be inserting their evil characters into their good aligned game as High powered NPCs (insert maniacal laughter here) Sure, it's been done, but dammit it's fun...! They're currently all about 11th level...
29th-May-2006 12:43 am (UTC)
i was always a big fan of hijacking movie plots. All you'd have to do is create stats for characters. Just hijack a movie few have seen.
29th-May-2006 02:57 am (UTC)
Sounds like it just that cheesy, comic book evil. Why not play more realistic evil characters? The selfish type that aren't out to defile the water supply but just hunting for power or fame and willing to do it at any price.
29th-May-2006 02:57 am (UTC)
I still remember a good campaign that started from a vampire in my party that decided he wanted a unicorn's horn to gain an 'appetite supressant'.

That lasted us a few levels... until I got posessed by a chain deamon!

such a fun evil campaign
29th-May-2006 05:05 am (UTC)
Not really sure what to offer you. Our game started out mostly neutral but eventually devolved into evil. I can give you the rundown of the game, in brief. Some of the events may give you inspiration.

* Party starts out with three - dryad paladin (LG), a rogue (NE), and a good-aligned drow fighter (CG) - pursuing rumours of prophecy crap.
* Dryad paladin dies in a fight with a minotaur. Replacement character is the dryad paladin's ex-lover, a druid (LN) who had been recently raised from the head but is seeking vengenace.
* New character joins, a human fighter (N).
* DM plot causes one of the PCs to accidentally kill an NPC. Unfortunately, it happens to be the drow, who gets murdered in the streets by the townspeople in the town we are supposed to protect/advise of an orc attack. Party opts to leave the city, city burns and PCs really feel no remorse. Rogue doesn't care, druid is still driven by vengeance, fighter feels bad but shrugs it off and moves on.
* Drow gets replaced by a human ranger. Upon meeting said ranger, the ranger asks what happened to the town, and the fighter says "oh there was one drow that did it."
* Fighter gets killed by the rogue, since the rogue, who at this point turns out to be a black flame zealot priestess of Loviatar (unbeknownsts to the characters but knownst to the PCs), was very close friends with the drow and still enraged over her death. This PC is not replaced as the player's work schedule changed.
* Variety of guest characters from players who play infrequently show up but do nothing to change party flow.
* Druid manages to resurrect dryad paladin, both characters are retired.
* Party meets up with two followers of Red Knight (LN), who decide to serve our cause. Black Flame Zealot (BFZ for short) is defacto leader, and the two execute her orders with zeal and brutality.
* Druid/dryad's player brings in new charcter, a rogue (CN with a mixed background, character is highly impressionable). Rogue has cover identity as a young girl afflicted with wanderlust who worships Selûne; is really a Mask-worshipping Telflammar Shadowlord (to be) who worked as a double-agent in the Shadow Thieves of Amn and was exposed because she could not bring herself to kill the one witness to a crime she was supposed to pin on someone else.
* As time grows on, rogue develops strong bond with the BFZ, as rogue is harassed by NPC followers of Shar which risks exposing her cover, and BFZ assists. Rogue still doesn't agree with brutal and ruthless methods or rigid ideologies of BFZ.
* Rogue dies by being hasty in a town that hates non-humans (Hillsfar), is judged as evil. Eventually gets resurrected but has a huge shift in moral outlook because of the horrors of the torment she endured. Fairly similar but has set a rigid personal code to follow so that she can be a 'better person' in her mind, and listens to advice/follows orders of BFZ. Alignment shifts to LN.
* Party encounters new PC, a witch (N?). Helps witch on quest to liberate home town from leaders who have declared witch hunt.

29th-May-2006 05:06 am (UTC)
The game starts to turn south here.

* After unsuccessful raids in town and introduction of a succubus who corrupts the two followers of Red Knight (now NE), party eventually decides to burn the town hall and other buildings associated with the leaders to the ground. Rogue protests, but eventually gives in to peer pressure. Followers of Red Knight leave party (this happened between Fall/Winter terms of school and their new class schedules prohibited them from playing the night we played), lured to death by succubus.
* Party eventually uncovers silly prophecy crap and goes to pursue it.
* En route to this destination, rogue is attacked and nearly killed by the witness to her crime (the victim's daughter, now six years older and trained as a ruthless killing machine in search of vengeance). Rogue from this point forward is highly paranoid of another strike (the victim's daughter used every element to neutralize the rogue's abilities -- light spells, dimensional shackles, illusions, nighttime ambushes in supposedly safe territory) and tends to act much more suspicious of people and tends to stab first and ask questions later in the event of a surprise meeting, GM later mentions that the PC was bordering on LE based on actions taken (still following code for the most part but trying to corrupt it to ensure self preservation, but not at risk of actually breaking her personal code). Party at this point is NE BFZ, LN Rogue, N Fighter, N? Witch.
* Witch begins using Inflict spells on any travelers that question the party's motives, seemingly at random. BFZ eventually decides this is too dangerous and kills Witch off.
* Old old fighter's player returns as a druid, secretly a blighter.
* Witch's player returns as a favoured soul, but leaves soon after due to scheduling conflict.
* Party splits due to Amnish forces pursuing rogue. BFZ heads to destination in the Moonshea isles to wait for party.
* Rogue's nemesis eventually captures rogue, but rogue explains her motives and reasoning and offers to pledge her service to make amends and is geniunely sorry for what happened. Nemesis accepts pledge of servitude and accompanies party.

This is where the game hit evil, for sure.

* BFZ gets killed off by overzealous guards who believe her to be a cultists. Gets replaced by her nemesis, a priestess of Ilmater.
* Rogue arrives and finds this out, character is emotionally devastated. Druid decides to get revenge on the guards by turning into a cat and using call lightning to -- once again -- burn the town to the ground.
* Rogue can't stand this, convinces Favoured Soul to kill cat druid. GM silently notes alignment as Lawful Evil. At some point, I can't remember why, but the fighter dies. Not PvP, that I know, but I can't remember circumstances. Comes back as something generic.
* The two former Red Knights manage to squeeze in a week and come back as followers of Loviatar who were seeking BFZ, and know of a way to possibly find her spirit -- coinciding with our storyline goal.
* Oddly enough, as an aside, nobody has complained about any of the PvP to this point, as it's all be valid.
* Rogue continues on to quest point with rest of party. At this point, rogue is the only PC with any knowledge of original party goal and has not yet shared this with the party as they all seem to suspiciously want to go with her. Along the way, the party commits plenty of evil acts to get information and neutralize pursuers. All characters seem to be evil in alignment, either written or roleplayed. They eventually arrive at destination.
* Rogue gets turned into air elemental by air weird. I play the weird and TPK the party (well, I get them all onto the Elemental Plane of Air). All PCs that survived unite and leave plane.
* Game ends because there is no party unity.
29th-May-2006 05:07 am (UTC)
A few weeks (and a few failed games later), GM advances time one year, at which point BFZ comes back. With Loviatar's blessing, the rogue is returned to life, but as a half-air elemental (so she could be PC'd). Ingrained in her personality are the fibers of law and evil, and she has pledged loyalty to Loviatar and BFZ. At this point, BFZ has the blessing of the church and her goddess to begin a military campaign.

* Party orchestrates coup in Moonshea Isles, captures territory.
* Party deploys small force in Calimshan. Captures Calimport in a bloodless seizure, through trickery and deception of the Syl-Pasha. BFZ revises local economy to be beneficial to the common man, gaining support of populace. Under pressure from their citizens to acquiesce to BFZ's terms, other cities in Calimshan eventually agree to surrender, some with bloodshed and some without.
* Rogue goes off freelancing with a small cadre of planar troops from BFZ, burns the city of Hillsfar to the ground (we like burning stuff). In a sequence involving the luckiest goddamn dice rolls ever for the PC and the worst ever for the GM, PC somehow WINS A FIGHT AT LEVEL 12 AGAINST SIX CHOSEN OF MYSTRA. Control Winds + enemy Prismatic Sphere is noted in DM's standard tactic book as something to keep an eye out for.
* Rogue gets into Silverymoon, has encounter with Alustriel. Turns out to be entirely orchestrated by rogue's nemesis, who recaptures rogue with a desire to use rogue as a bargaining chip for use against BFZ's quickly spreading army. Eventually nemesis allows rogue to leave due to siege of city by the City of Shade. Rogue flees back to Calimport to explain situation.
* BFZ moves through Cormyr and eventually ends up in Icewind Dale in an attempt to negotiate truces without further military movement. Fortification steps occur in the Moonshea and Calimshan. Game ends at that point for a few months due to summer/scheduling.

And we're at we are now, having just restarted last Thursday.

* City of Shade has left the desert and a region as far south as Amn and as far east as Thay is covered in perpetual night. BFZ has met with Szass Tam (spelling?) to decide a truce with Thay until the City of Shade is dealt with. The party is currently looking for ways to expand their empire while neutralizing the threats from Thay, Mulhorand, and the City of Shade.

So yeah. That turned out longer than expected. But that's how our evil game has gone. The party unity is amazing now, because of the common motivator, bonds of loyalty and trust, and a long term goal. Try and set those things up for the party and the story writes itself.

The GM pretty much improvs every game and it's been fantastic.
29th-May-2006 06:48 am (UTC)
Man, I sure wish my DM would even let me play as an evil character, let alone do what your doing. I am SOOO sick and tired of tripping my fellow players and murdering innocent souls in the night only to hear 'You change your mind at the last second and decide to hold off from your evil!! AAAAAAND you lose 5 million XP...."


try getting them to take over something, and slowly try and take over the entire world! YAAAAY! That way its something gradual they can work at, and will span alot of levels until your done?
29th-May-2006 09:42 pm (UTC)
I am SOOO sick and tired of tripping my fellow players and murdering innocent souls in the night only to hear 'You change your mind at the last second and decide to hold off from your evil!! AAAAAAND you lose 5 million XP...."

I know! And then the DM gets all whiney when you try to hold Satanic rituals in his/her house and "accidentally" burn it down...I'm telling you, man, life ain't fair.


(reposting--forgot the Black Mage icon)
29th-May-2006 09:38 pm (UTC)
Ha! I love the idea of inserting them as advanced NPC's against their own characters! Magnificent!
30th-May-2006 03:46 am (UTC)
favorite evil adventure: take over THE PLANET.
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