The Gimp (gimp101) wrote in dnd3e,
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Evil Adventures...

Can't find any... It's that simple... I run them from the top of my head, I convert them from good aligned adventures, etc... I am lucky enough to have a gaming group that doesn't just try and kill each other and take their stuff, who can play evil characters AND work together well as a team... I can only throw them up against so many Exalted characters, angels, guardinals, send them on so many village-corrupting, noble-slaying, power-hoarding, water-source-defiling, deicidal missions... Not to mention the multitudes of rival bad-guys they come across and invariably wipe out... I'm tired of thinking and would like to run something 'from the book' that can span at least 3 or 4 levels... Then, (unbeknownst to my players) I will be inserting their evil characters into their good aligned game as High powered NPCs (insert maniacal laughter here) Sure, it's been done, but dammit it's fun...! They're currently all about 11th level...

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