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D&D 3E
The Mars Campaign 
14th-Oct-2003 01:22 am
I'm Watching You
I'm in a 3e campaign that takes place on Mars, and just because I can I'm going to keep everyone updated on it. :)

So my character is a Dryad (not a typical dryad, she's not the woodsy type, I made up a different branch for this campaign and the DM said ok. And he really likes my character so far, so that's always good.) And she is traveling with a Martian Knight Sir Diemos.

So it starts out, we're standing on a bridge and we see a guy that is acting like he's going to Jump, and we walk over and start talking to him, and my friend determines that he's crazy, and me, being chaotic neutral, takes offense to this. But we continue talking to this guy, and a crowd gathers to watch. And while we're talking, a group of Monks approaches and the crazy guy attacks the oldest one and ends up killing him. But we kill him, however my character finds it extremely amusing. So once this ends and the crowd disperses we follow the monks to the temple which isn't in the best of conditions and learn that there is a "plague" going on where people seem to go insane for no apparent reason, and there are no teenagers in the city. We also learn of an older monk named Sagitarius that has taken to the mountains and nobody knows where he is. And we decide to seek him out, but first we go to the tavern and I get extremely drunk, and my friend gleans some information from the bar tender. We check the wall for any more information (while my friend is carrying me due to the fact that I'm drunk) and we find a cart for sale by a guy named Marvin. (I got extra xp because I started laughing and said "Marvin the Martian.") So we make it back to our apartment and get some sleep, then we find Marvin and buy his cart and we go into the mountains. We find Sagitarius and he's screaming about babies, and while doing so throws a "baby" at my friend and it turns out to be a rather large rock. So I manage to calm the monk down long enough to find out that there is a group of dark monks that are doing things to make people go crazy, and Sagitarius feels responsible. He loses his temporary grip on insanity and starts raving about babies and how he's in the circle and the babies can't get him. So we go back to town and ask around to see if anybody knows anything, and people either don't know, or else they don't want to talk about it. So that night I, being the rogue spy, decides to take to the back alley's and see what I can see. My night friend decides to come along even though he's wearing loud clanking armor. But, we manage to over hear some teenagers and I start to follow and my friend decides to as well, but he fucks up and makes lots of noise and I get found out, and the kids are like "Dude, it's a chic. Man, she's sooo hot." And they invite me to come with them to this meeting of people that they describe as a kind of gang. So, I decide to follow, and they're all about to cream their pants. And so we get there and I'm the only chic, and they're all like "Whoah... dude... check out the chic man... she's SOOOO hot...." And they're all on drugs. And my friend also decides to follow after me and he gets most of the way to the thing and makes even more noise and so I lead the party out to see what it is, and the leaders seem to be pleased with this action. So, by some miracle they don't decide to kill him... yet... and the kids think he's pretty cool so they "hook him up" with the brocoli. So, he's tripping in a corner and the leaders decide that they want me to be part of a ceremony that will make some one else crazy. And while I am contemplating my fate, we conclude game.

It was a good time. More to come on Friday.
14th-Oct-2003 01:54 pm (UTC) - Your DM is on Drugs
He's taken one too many trips, srs..
18th-Oct-2003 12:03 am (UTC)
   It's really confusing to me why people think any kind of mix/match RPG is "D&D". What you played was not D&D, it was a freeform RPG that seems to be loosely based on D&D. And wow somebody slap your DM. Twice.
21st-Oct-2003 08:22 pm (UTC)
HOLY SHIT! I Love your ICON! i beat the game several times...and i got Alice tattooed on my arm [sorry im rambling]...I <3 American McGee's Alice...are you gonna get American McGee's Oz when it comes out?
sorry bout that

that is a weird campaign You are iN...Mars, interesting setting
brocoli? are they like shrooms?..."hmm can i get a baby real quick?" - Hat [South Park]
awesome entry...the whole campaign your in sounds badass
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