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Item advice

There's this magic item I picked up the description for somewhere.

It's called the Ring of the Stalker and gives the wearer +5 to various perception based stuff when used to track the person you nominate as your prey; it also gives one the ability to be invisible to that person 3 times per day (but ONLY to that individual, ie everyone else can still see you). The description talks of it having an Invisible Stalker bound into it. (I forgot to write down details or none were present).

What I'd like to know is if anyone has any idea where I may have found it.

If not, what would you chaps say should be the duration of the invisibility and how often a prey can be nominated.

My current thought is prey can be nominated once per week; invisibility lasts 10 mins per time. Does that seem reasonable? Should the current prey have to be dealt with before a new one can be nominated? etc.
Tags: dm advice, item advice, sage advice

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